• This is a big castle, measuring 8m long x 4m wide
  • Features a lot of exciting climbing and slide down to more climbing space, great choice for big parties 
  • Climbing, slide – it is all there waiting to be done on the Activity Station 
  • R500 per day  or part thereof
  • Free sanitising  


 Friendly Crocodile

  • at 7m long x 3m wide, our friendly crocodile is the perfect fit for any occasion 

  • plenty of space to climb, jump and slide 

  • the cut-out mouth ensures nobody can get squashed inside the crocodile's mouth 

  • with all those teeth giving a real big smile, our crocodile is our most friendly castle of them all 

  • R475 per day or part thereof 


  • Our biggest castle, measuring 8m long x 6m wide              (L - shape)
  • Lots of jumping space, including a maze, climbing area onto a slide and down into a pond (soft ball pond) 
  • Plenty of space with two entry points to accommodate a lot of kids, this is our most popular castle for all big parties
  • All of this is waiting to be enjoyed on the exciting Adventure Island
  • R550 per day  or part thereof
  • Free sanitising

 Extra Large Square

  • measuring 4m x 4m our extra large square castle is up for the job (most square castles are normally 3m x 3m) 
  • if you are looking for simplicity and safety for your castle, look no further
  • who says square is boring
  • R475 per day or part thereof